Unresting Creativity

Lately, I have been unable to fall asleep at bedtime. I toss and turn, and when I close my eyes I see ideas for a painting or the next step in a painting I am working on. It is wonderful to have this creative spark, because we all go through periods where it is hard to come up with any ideas. I am a little exhausted, but very excited for all of the ideas I have running through my head.

I have given myself the opportunity to finally concentrate on my passion of painting and photography. I have taken the summer months off to create, but the summer is soon coming to an end. August, to me, is the real start of the fall season. So with the summer coming to an end soon, I will need to find a part-time job to start paying the bills again. But until then, I can keep the creativity flowing, and the paintings are filling up my house. Our house is not that big, and I have been having trouble with being able to work on more than one painting at a time. I don't have enough space to place paintings to dry to free up my easel to start work on new paintings. But this is an amazing "problem" to have.