A Summer Break

After talking with my husband, we came to the decision that I could give notice to my employer and take the summer off. I would need to find a part-time job after the summer is over, and I am continually looking for what part-time jobs are available. I am not at all surprised, nor am I impressed, at what jobs are open. Finding a job that has great leadership and a wonderful working culture is very hard to find. The job market is flush with management and leadership that have no business in the roles they hold. We have a long way to go to start to see a better, healthier work environment.

I see the many faces of employees who are stretched too thin. This work force is constantly being asked to do far more with far little. Work environments are quite unhealthy without a leader that takes their employees growth and satisfaction to heart. We are far too connected to our work with the inclusion of cell phones, laptops, and the internet. It seems we are working 24/7, and that is showing in the poor health and dissatisfaction of masses of employees. This is alarming when you think about all of the advancements technology and time has given us. We should be improving with advancements, but that is not the case.

What is it that is holding us back from leading healthier, more satisfying, and more productive work lives? When you have healthy and satisfied employees, the quality and productivity improves which leads to greater success for organizations. Is it that it takes a little longer to find the right qualified individuals to fill those leadership and management rolls? I can't see an organization ignoring the fact that happier employees leads to higher success for the organization, but they seem to be doing just that. Ignoring the health and happiness/satisfaction of their employees by hiring and continuing to employ leaders and managers that think only of themselves and not what the organization or the employees need. We have more access to education and knowledge that there is no excuse for an organization to hire and continue to employ some of the worst leaders and managers you could imagine.

Leaders and managers should be the first to strive for growth and continued learning among their employees, as well as upholding and continually improving the work/life balance for their employees. Employees are individuals with lives of their own. They are not masses of people that should be viewed as easily replaceable.

If you are a leader or manager within your organization, think about the culture you are creating for your employees. Have a conversation with them, and get to know them, and how you can best serve them and the organization. You should be striving for success, and this attitude is what leads to great success.