A lifetime Michigan resident, my childhood was spent growing up in more rural areas where there were acres of land between homes. I grew up to appreciate the beauty of the trees, meadows, and all the animal life. All of the images have color, and the images along with color bring out emotions, memories, feelings, and a sense of connection.

I try to find images in my photography that pull me towards them with emotion and a sense of connection, and I try to capture that image to share those emotions and connection with followers of my photography.

In my paintings, I try to do the same. Using color and images that connect us with a memory, or a feeling or emotion. Looking at an artist's creation can bring our minds out of the immediate environment we are in, and transport us to a place we feel calm or happy or loved. Those creations can take us wherever we want to go, and connect us all as a community. With each creation I make, I wish to make those positive connections with followers of my art.